Get “Wicky” With It

31 Dec

I haven’t been able to get to bed very early lately. I’m not sure if it’s the surge of fresh veggies, fruits and whole grains I’ve been feeding myself, or just the fact that I sleep in until 8:00am half of the week. The other night, I decided to make more candles for belated Christmas gifts. I suppose you could call them “Happy New Year” gifts at this point!

First, I had to make the candle container. I delved into my massive bag of saved pint bottles (that Ted so lovingly drinks – his contribution to my crafting project!) and pulled out four. After washing the labels off of them, I needed to score the glass with my glass cutter. It’s actually a really simple process, but the key to getting a nice clean break is to not stop halfway through turning the bottle, and to apply pressure evenly (and not too much!).


 It’s taken me quite a few bottles to get the hang of it, and even now, 1 in 3 turns out perfect, while the others are slightly “rustic” looking and need ample sanding. I don’t think I’ll begin selling these until I’m able to perfectly score most of the bottles. I’m getting the hang of it, though!

photo (6)

After measuring out my soy wax and melting it in my big pour pot (not pictured), I heated up the freshly cut pint glasses, applied the wick, and poured away. I made 3 large pint glass candles and one small tester one (from a regular beer bottle) for me. All are Chardonnay scented, except for one, which is for one of my bosses. My other boss, at my wine sales job, will receive a Chardonnay candle! How fitting, right?

photo (10)

After the candles set overnight, you can see that they are just begging to be decorated! A little ribbon and large bead accent, and they’re ready to go to new homes. I also made custom labels using my Avery Address Label stickers (their templates online are awesome!), stuck them onto some scrapbooking card stock, and glued it to some string to make a lovely label.

photo (9)

I really love these candles because they’re eco-friendly, recycled and it’s making beer bottles a decorative item that appeals to women. As much as I’d appreciate a candle with an IPA label on it, not everyone loves beer in that sense to where they’d like to decorate their apartment with them. These can be customized, too!

Once I’m able to get a system down, I’m considering selling them for $10-15 each. Either way, it’s a very inexpensive way to make candles at home, plus it’s fun to get crafty. Cheers, and have a Happy New Year! I hope you are able to light a flame in your life for 2013 🙂


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