Break a Leg (or Hip)

6 Jan

Well, 2013 is getting off to an unlucky start for me. While I was able to ring in the new year with Ted and our friends, my clumsy side really decided to shine. After we took a cab home, I was drunkenly walking down our stairs (we have a townhouse), slipped and fell about 5 steps down right on my butt! Now I have a huge bruise the size of a baseball, and a very large one across the back of my bicep too 😦

Then, on January 1st, we thought it would be a good idea to go for a leisurely bike ride. We were riding on this gorgeous path along the water in Berkeley/Emeryville, with amazing views of the bay (quite distracting!). I looked away for one second to see the view and BAM!   Crashed right into one of those cement poles that lines pedestrian/bike paths so cars can’t go through. It was big, and it definitely won. My bike went crashing to the left, I want sailing to the right and ended up skinning a large portion of my elbow and bruised my left hip. Thank god I was wearing a helmet, otherwise my injuries would probably have been a lot worse.

There goes my workout plan for the start of the new year! Haha. How I managed to injure myself so badly in under 12 hours is beyond my comprehension. My entire family and Ted joke that I need a bubble suit at all times now, or that they “can’t take me anywhere” – maybe they’ve been right all along!

I was quite sore and banged up the first two days, but managed to go to work just fine and move around. However, two days ago, while doing a wine demo (where I just stand around for 4 hours), I discovered that I was having a hard time walking. My left hip really started to hurt, and I have this weird pain feeling in my pelvic area, in addition to just feeling really sore. It’s just scary to me that this is happening several days after the incident and not right after. Ted said not to worry – I’m going to see a doctor by Tuesday if I don’t feel better. I figure a week on my own and I’ll be able to tell if it’s any worse or better.

Lessons learned:

– Don’t look away from the path while doing a sporting activity, no matter how gorgeous the view is or how quick it is. Stop and look.

– Don’t spring down stairs while drunk. Just…. don’t. Common sense evades me sometimes.

I hope 2013 has much more positive things in store for me. This first week has been rough! 🙂


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