Meatless March & An Update

6 Mar

Is it already March?! Oh my goodness, this year is just ticking by slowly… it’s so hard to believe.

It’s 12:01am right now as I’m typing this. I can’t relax and go to bed due to my irresponsible decision to order Thai food for lunch. The thing is, Ted and I haven’t really eaten out in our neighborhood since moving to Berkeley five months ago (yes it’s already been almost half a year!) – so sad. Today I wanted to try this Michelin recommended Thai place near our house. The last time I had pad thai was probably a year ago from the Asian Express restaurant on campus, so I had a huge craving! Scarfed down on my generous $8.00 plate of peanut-y goodness and within the hour I felt weird.

Now things are definitely not feeling right and I know it’s not the steamed broccoli and brussels sprouts I ate for dinner. Yuck. To divert my attention away from my discomfort, I finally finished watching the documentary Vegucated.

I remember my feelings of inspiration and also sadness when I was sixteen and learned about vegetarianism and also the downsides of factory farming, including the impacts on our environment. This documentary really invigorated me, but also brought things into light that I have pushed into the back of my knowledge pool over the last 5 years of eating animal products. The documentary has a section on factory farming, and while it definitely is not comparable to the insider videos on PETA that brought me to tears as a teenager, it reminded me of the harsh facts of our food system today. It also included the realities of some free-range and USDA organic farms – a lot of the animals are treated and slaughtered in extremely similar ways, despite their pesticide-free feed and slightly more spacious living situations.

Between my stomach turning from the pad thai and the video, I’m committing myself to eating no animal products for the rest of the month. This will go into effect after I have consumed the two yogurts sitting in my fridge (because I need to be frugal and not wasteful, too).

So far this year, I’ve cut down on animal products a lot! With the exception of Farmer’s Market last Saturday, I haven’t purchased any butter. We did buy some from Spring Hill Farms, a local  farmstead in Petaluma… and all of their cows have names! I also have been eating meat sparingly, only once or twice a week. Even at that, it’s been chicken or fish and occasionally pork. I’ve also been making homemade juices in the mornings (more posts to come about that), and have cut down my caffeine intake by 50% this last week. I’ve been drinking more green and earl grey teas instead of coffee, and am waking up feeling more energized.

Good things are happening, but now I think it’s time to challenge myself and take another step further, and really stay true to my food goals for this year! No meat or animal products for the rest of the month. Let’s do this! 🙂


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